Rowarthauthenticreleased “Outtake” his first Album. “Outtake” was produced and mastered by Rowarthauthentic and the album is bi-lingual with track “Lequippe Je Um” written in French. Oliver Rowarth has a spoken language condition and used languages to help write and produce.The album has been reviewed. “This is a success” Roadie Magazine. “Really original sound” Plastic Mag. 

There has to be a link between music artists and fans that is a statement that holds true with Rowarthauthentic. The heart of the music industry is with the fans and so the reason I started was to impact a big audience. Every listen on the streaming platforms I use matters because connection with the sounds we have is amazing. Its the artists that you listen to when you go through the hard times and the better times that impact people on a daily basis.

Rowarthauthentic began his musical career in 2013 after finding his brother’s guitar. Since thenhehas performed various gigs around Greater Manchester playing at pubs. In 2021 Rowarthauthenticmoved to producing and mastered his first album “Outtake” which is a direct reflection of the BigBeat Scene in Manchester, UK.

You can have this music through online streams that is Deezer, Apple Music and Spotify or by digital download from purchasing from the website. Artists make a wave when they go from the start of the wave to the impact it has. Youtube Rowarthauthentic for Official Music Videos. Under that name you can follow me on Facebook and Instagram where I post regularly to impact the wide audience I have accumulated over the course of OUTTAKE and since then.

I will tell you about my favourite song it is French and the track is called Lequippe Je Um and was composed in French. With a subscription you will get a free French lesson and this will help with determining French.

French has helped me tremendously as I have overcome obstacles along the way with fellow linguists. England, Manchester is where I originate and this has been a place to learn and tick. Manchester has Old Trafford, 20 stories, the Royal Exchange and more. The French face is of Cogsworth and of Beauty. The clocks in Manchester are those of France. The beauty in belle in the Disney film shows that teams work well together. There is Belle, the beast, Cogsworth, Lumiere and Mrs Potts. The film highlights the culture of England and France and for me is the reason we can can enjoy the magesty of cities in European national cities.


Stream Lequippe Je Um on any major platform. This along with Tin Arghhh and Link up can be streamed anywhere on any device. 


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Thanks for letting me discuss my music.